Nidal Ibrahim Agha

Nida I Agha was born in Homs – Syria in 1983. At the age of 15 he started Arabic Calligraphy classes in one of the institutions concerned in that field. In 1999 he got to meet Professor Adnan Al Sheikh Uthman and started learning with him.

Until now Nidal sees himself as the student of Prof. Al Sheikh Uthman.

Nidal joined the center of applicable Arts in Damascus from 2003 till 2006.

Galleries & Exhibitions:

Annual calligraphy exhibitions from 2004 -2011

Damascus the Arab culture Capital 2008, where worldwide calligraphy artists attended and participated.

The Gathering of the most famous calligraphy artists of the Qura’an in Madina – Saudi Arabia 2011.

This gathering was the biggest calligraphy phenomena as 280 calligraphy artists from around the world.

A Great effect was left on Nidal by his mentor Al Sheikh Uthman, which is normal after 13 years of continuous mentoring and how to think of each piece of art. In the last 4 years Nidal’s work started to show his own taste and inspiration finding his own style and signature. Nidal’s first own exhibition was in Tripoli – Lebanon under the name “Thank You Tripoli”


Nidal Ibrahim Agha