Unveil the Poetry of Your Name

Request your name design in classic Arabic Calligraphy or modern Arabic Typography.

Capture the essence of your identity with the timeless grace of Arabic calligraphy. At Arabic.design, we transform names into captivating works of art, blending traditional calligraphy styles with modern design sensibilities. Whether you seek a personalized gift, a unique way to adorn your home, or a striking logo, our skilled calligraphers are here to create a masterpiece that speaks volumes about you.

Full Name Harmony: $120

Embrace the full resonance of your name (up to 4 words) with a flowing calligraphy design. Select your preferred script and witness your name gracefully unfold on the page, offering a symphony of personal expression.

Choose from Thuluth, Diwani, Ijaza, Nastaliq, Square Kufi, or Naskh to create your name on the line horizontally.

Logo Legacy: $250

Forge a visual identity that resonates with a custom logo featuring your name in Arabic calligraphy. Choose from simple geometric shapes (circles, squares, rhombuses) and either authentic or freestyle calligraphy to create a mark that embodies your unique spirit. Receive a high-quality black and white vector file, ready to elevate your brand or personal projects.

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