Ahmed Lamen Zaed

Ahmed Lamen Zaed. Calligraphy master and academic researcher, was born in Tripoli Libya in 1980, a PhD candidate in Arabic calligraphy at Sultan Mehmet Al-Fatih University in Istanbul, he firstly studied calligraphy at master Ibrahim al-Misrati in Libya until he was graduated and had his traditional certificate (İJazah) in 2008, then studied again in İstanbul at the masters Ahmed koçak, Davud Bektaş and Ali Toy from 2014 and until his second master traditional graduation certificate (İjazah) in 2018,

During his career he has won many local and international awards, and has participated in about twenty local and international exhibitions in addition to many activities related to Arabic calligraphy between 2008-2020 in Libya, Tunisia, the UAE, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Algeria, Morocco and Turkey.

Through his calligraphy experience, he is keen to preserve the classical roles of Arabic calligraphy, and in order to fill the gap between the the conservative classical rules of Arabic calligraphy and the requirements of the contemporary calligraphy applications, he continues to teach Arabic calligraphy on its conservtive classical rules.

الخطاط أحمد الأمين الزائدي Ahmed Lamen Zaed